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General Update – 23 February

Manage custom folders at a Branch Level – New Feature

  • A new Site/Build sub tab named “Files” has been added,allowing Branch Owners to manage files and add custom folders that can be shared across all Projects.
  • Files that are uploaded at a Branch Level (across all the projects) can only be viewed (read only) in the Projects.
  • Get the full run down of this new update via this months feature blog here.

Follow up date added to RAVE’s Show Home portal – New Feature

  • Users can now set a Follow Up to be completed date, when adding a new client via the Show Home portal.

Allow table formatting in messages – Rave Fix

  • Previously, when we sent a message, the table formatting disappeared at the receivers end. This issue is now fixed.

Project House Style added to the Build Details Page – Update

  • We now display the “House Style” field on the Build Overview / Project Details page.

New “Allow contractors to view task assignees” schedule setting – New Feature

  • A new setting has been added to the Project Schedule/Settings Page – allowing branch users to control the visibility of contractors viewing other task assignees.   Please note that this switch is turned on by default.

New “Task Update Notification” section added to the Project Schedule Settings Page – New Feature

  • A new section has been added to the Project Schedule Settings Page (and Site/Build > Build Overview > Settings page for those with branch owner permissions), allowing you to set the default notification for tasks affected by task list and gantt view schedule changes.  

The options are:

  •  The next 7am Schedule Briefing
  • Immediately
  • And never
  • If you’ve made a change and have not selected a specific notification option – this default will kick in.  This update works for both Classic and Advance Scheduling.  Please note that this setting is set to ‘the next 7am Schedule Briefing’ by default.

New control over Contractor Task Completed notifications – New Feature

  • Another new setting has been added to the Project Schedule/Settings Page – allowing branch users to control whether contractors receive task sign off acceptance notifications from the project manager.   Please note that this switch is turned on by default.

New control for Contractors to manage their RAVE notifications – New Feature   

  • A new “Notification Control” panel has been added to the Contractor login portal, allowing them to choose whether they are to receive notifications or not.   Please note that these notifications are turned on for the contractor by default.

Project contract name added to the Task Detail page title – Update

  • Previously, we only displayed the Task and Project name on the Task Details page.  Now, the Contract name (if one has been loaded) will be added to the title.

Improvements to the Project’s/People/Contractor dropdown selection – Update

  • Previously, Contractors that were already loaded against a Project were removed from the Contractor selection dropdown. Now all contractors will remain visible, but contractors already loaded to a job will be displayed at the end of the dropdown selection – and disabled.  A new contractor search box has also been added. 

Activate Schedule pop-up copy improvements– Update

We’ve made a few changes to the Activate Schedule pop-up text, to improve user understanding of what is happening

  •  The bullet point ‘Access the schedule’ has been added to reiterate that activating the schedule, will give your contractors access to the schedule.
  •  The Notify Contractors and Enable Notifications have been updated as per the below screenshot

Bulk download of Project Files option – New Feature

  • Users can easily download all of the files in a Project, by clicking the Download Project Files dropdown selection.

Allow users to choose and set whether an Estimate is Incl/Excl GST – Rave Financial Update

  • A ‘Show GST on Line Items’ checkbox has been added when generating an Estimate proposal, which updates the calculations shown on the Estimate.

Improvements to RAVE’s ‘XERO not connected’ error messaging – RAVE Financial Update

  • We have customised the error messaging to help users whenever RAVE’s connection to XERO is dropped – advising clients to reconnect RAVE to their XERO account, and to contact RAVE support for further assistance.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163