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General Update – 16 March

Client company name added to Client Search – Update

  • Users can now search for a client by their Company name from the Clients Page.
  • When clients have been marked as a company (and not a person) we now show the Company name first, followed by the Client name.

Links to Client & Project profiles added to the Client and Site/Build pages – Update

  • The Client’s Name and the Project’s job Number, have become clickable links, on both the Clients and Site/Build pages.

Show client’s last login – New Feature

  • We now show your client’s last login on the client overview details page

New source of lead column added to the “Won” Clients report – Update

  • We’ve added a “10% Source” of lead column to the Clients Won conversions table, and added a graph below the report to graphically display this data.

Gantt printing task descriptions are cut off – Fix

  • The above issue has been fixed by dynamically putting the text on the right or left of a task depending on the available space.

Prevent Clients from being saved to Schedule Templates – Update

  • When a user saves a Project’s schedule as a Schedule Template, the Client attached to any project tasks are now removed from the Schedule Template.

Displaying the wrong user who closed a project in the Project Audit Trail – Fix

  • The above issue has been fixed by showing the correct user who closed a project via the audit trail.

Milestone day totals are wrong – Fix 

  • The above issue was fixed by showing the correct milestone duration. 
    Note:  If an hourly task (advanced schedules only) is to be completed before noon (12pm), then that day won’t be added to the milestone duration.

New schedule “Task Comment Added” notification – Update

  • When any user comments on a schedule task, we now notify all task assignees about the comment.

Key Task Report – New Features

  • Users can now print the Key Task Report in addition to the CSV export function.
  • Furthermore, a check box has been added to exclude Task End dates and Task Status columns from the Key Task CSV Export.

Viewable by descriptions added to the Contractor Files upload buttons – New Feature

  • Viewable by descriptions have been added to the Contractor Files page.

Improved Password Reset process – Update

  • The password reset email has been updated with a new message as below.
  • Passwords now require a minimum of 8 characters (no other restrictions).

Project Files page folder colour changes – Update

  • We have updated the Project Files page folder icon colors as noted below.

Allow users to add custom text to the Progress Payment Variation Signing PDF – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • We now allow users to add custom text to the Progress Payment Variation Signing PDF, this is via the Branch Settings – Profile Dropdown > Settings > Client Settings page >  Variation Signing Notes.  
  • This provides free form text of up to 250 characters. 
  • Text added on this form will be displayed above the client signature on variation signing PDF

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163