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RAVE Project Overview – Project Details and Edit Project Details UPDATE

We are upgrading our Project Overview “Project Details” screen, as well as the “Edit Project Details” screen.

The core focus of these changes is around displaying more Project Details information and improving the layout of the information too.

In this article, we’ll show you some handy screen grabs of the changes and break them down a bit so you can quickly come to grips with this update.

Let’s get into it with the Project Details screen.

  • The first thing to touch on is that we’ve added the Project Manager and Site Manager’s numbers next to their name for easier reference – this will only display if the phone numbers have been loaded.
  • Further down, we have added more information under the Contract Details and Client Details headers, namely the Guarantee Completion Date and Conditional Contract Date.
  • Below this, we now display your Project’s Key Tasks with dates if loaded. Check out an example of the details that will be displayed below.
  • You’ll notice an added space for the Resource Consent information.
  • And we’ve expanded the Site Details section, to include some additional info.

Edit Build Page

Some further adjustments can be found on the Edit Build page – again we’ve added orange outlines around the locations to update the new display options below.

  • As you can see, we’ve added an ‘Internal Reference’ section to the “Project Details” section.
  • And at the bottom of this page, you’ll see a “Message Visibility” section – which allows you to set who can see project messages with your contractors and/or the client within your Branch.

And that’s it – as mentioned this update is going live this Thursday evening – we hope you enjoy these little tweaks!