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General Update – 13 April

New Client group options – Update

The following options have been added to the Client group list:

  • QS (Quantity Surveyor)
  • General Manager
  • Architect
  • Property Developer

New “Video Chat” category added to Client follow ups – Update

  • The option “Video Chat” has been added to the Client Followup category list.

Sort buttons added to the Client’s My Follow up reports – Update

Date sort options have been added to the following pages in Rave:

  • The “Expected close date” and “Created at” columns of the “Clients without follow up” report.
  • The Due on date of the “Latest follow up” report
  • The Due on date of the “Assigned follow up” report

Printing Client list improvements – Update

  • Along with printing and exporting My clients and Other clients individually, we now have the ability to print and export all clients together.

Exporting a Schedule template – Update

When a Schedule template is exported, contractor details are split into the following columns:

  • First & Last name
  • Username
  • Email
  • Company name
  • Trade

Improved UX of Client Files file types – Update

  • UX has been changed for the Client files – from tabs, to a selection dropdown.
  • Once the file is uploaded, we now use a “File type” selection in the edit modal.

Branch level Gantt Chart overview, with filters applied, hid the Today marker – Fix

  • This is now fixed, the Today show marker will now display, even after filters are applied on the page.

Separate Project Manager from “Office Staff” – Update

  • The Project manager section is now separated from the “Office staff” in the project people list. Users can now change the project manager from this section.

NEW Branch level ‘all’ Project Timelines (Gantt) Report – New Feature

  • A new report for Project Managers has been added under Site/build / Build Overview called “Project Timelines Report”, which shows the start and the finish dates across multiple jobs in the branch via a Gantt view.  The report can be displayed via day, weeks, fortnights, months, and year.  Refer to this month’s ‘Project Timelines Report Gantt’ feature blog for more details.

Extended date filtering on the Progress Payment report to consider both Task dates – Update

  • The Task Date filter is now extended to consider both start and end dates.

Improved validation for Staff creation – Update

  • When a user is adding Staff into our system, and their username already exists, the error message has been updated to show “The username has already been taken”.

Project Contract Name added to the Contractor’s pages – Update

The Contract Name is added to the following contractor login pages​:

  1. Home Screen – the Schedule Tasks list
  2. The Build Projects list
  3. My tasks list

Project Lot Number added to Contractor’s pages – Update

  • The Lot Number has been added to the address field for the following contractor login pages​:
  1. Home Screen – the Schedule Tasks list
  2. My tasks list

Allow users to add comments to approved & declined variations – New Feature

  • Branch users can now add comments to both approved and declined variations, in addition to the pending variations.

Copy markup when creating Supplier Credit Notes from Bills – RAVE Financial Fix

  • When making Supplier Credit Notes from Bills, we now copy the markup to Supplier Credit Note.

Updated default Invoice due date to 7 days – RAVE Financial Update

  • The due date default on Invoices is updated from “In 30 days”, to “In 7 days”.

Ability to edit Markup on charge up Invoices – RAVE Financial Update

  • The Markup on an Invoice can be changed. We also show cost price and sell price on an invoice.

Improved filters on Financial pages – RAVE Financial Update

  • Filters between the Bills & Invoices pages are now standardised.

Estimate proposals now have an expiry – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • Users can now set the number of days that a Quote will be valid for when generating an estimate proposal.

Users can now delete some unapproved financial documents – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • We now allow users to delete “unapproved” Financial Documents (such as: Supplier credit notes, Purchase orders, and Bills). Specifically, that means documents that are either pending/draft, or canceled. Any document which has been approved, cannot be directly deleted, but must first be canceled.

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163