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Project Timelines Report Gantt – New Feature

A new report has been added for Construction Managers that can be found on the Site/Build / Build Overview page called “Project Timelines Report”. This handy new report shows the start and the finish dates across multiple jobs in the branch, via a Project Gantt view.  Different project managers projects’ are highlighted in different colours, to make it easier to visually differentiate the projects across your branch.   

The report can be displayed via different time periods including: Day, weeks, fortnights, months, and full year.  The Today flag is also displayed to clearly show the current date.  

When viewing this report, you can also filter the report display based on which Project and Site managers are involved. Within the report, you’ll see the project names, their start and end date, as well as a handy display of the Project Manager involved – and their own projects colours.  The order of the projects can be sorted via the column headers, and the report can be printed as well.

When you double-click on a project, this navigates the user to view that specific Project’s Milestone Gantt display.  This new report goes live Wednesday night.

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