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NEW “Preliminary Budget” tab added to RAVE’s Financial Management System.

Introducing the new Preliminary Budget Tab. 

Many Clients want to put together a feasibility/Preliminary Budget quickly and easily, to get an indication of their raw build costs and the sell price of a project before they are ready to write up a contract. RAVE’s new “Preliminary Budget”, is the perfect way to do this.

This new sub tab allows you to group ‘buckets of money’ together to form a preliminary budget. Unlike a fully spec’d Estimate, you don’t need suppliers, line items, or any extra information other than a Category name and a $ value for that whole category, i.e. if the “Prelim and General” is roughly $40,000 + GST. This may include pricing from 5-6 different suppliers as well as some overhead cost recovery allowances, so you just type in the total you estimate and move on to the next one.

Once you have loaded all of your categories into the project’s Preliminary Budget sub tab, and allocated the dollar values to them, you can add a markup and set a sell price to see how much profit you will make, and then generate a preliminary budget report.

This tab is also available on the Project’s back-costing sub tab, so you can compare the Preliminary Budget to Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Bills.

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