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General Update – 4 May

‘Followup by’ column added to the My Follow-up / Latest follow-up reports – Update

  • A ‘Followup by’ column has been added to the Latest Follow-up Event report, and this field can be filtered. 

New notifications sent to Clients when a Site/Build Client note is added – New Feature

  • When a Branch user adds a Site/Build Client note, an email and internal notification in Rave is sent to the client.  NOTE: an email will only be sent when a notification email has been loaded in the client’s profile.

Remove Baseline set in Projects – Update

  • Baseline sets in Projects can now be removed. Doing this will unset dates on both the project and all tasks.

Project link in the Build Overview goes straight to the Schedule Task List page – Update

  • The Project link now takes users to the Schedule Task List page directly – saving them that extra click each time.

Updated wording on the Schedule Notification information preview list – Update

  • The Wording on the Schedule notification preview list has been updated

Project Manager column added to Progress Payment and Progress Payment Forecasting reports – Update

  • A Project Manager column has been added to the branch level Progress Payment report. Also, the Job Number column is renamed as “Project”, and the Contract Name has been moved to under the project number. 
  • And, a new column “Project Manager” has been added to the Progress Payment Forecast report.

Contractor > Schedule tab tasks table improvements – Update

  • The following updates have been made on the Contractor > Schedule Tab tasks table.  Available from Contractor / Contacts / Any contractor / Show / Schedule page
  • Added Project Manager & Site Manager filters
  • New columns “Project Manager” and “Site Manager” are added
  • Renamed “Contractor or Staff” to “Assignee”
  • Renamed “Finish Date” to “End Date”

New “Preliminary Budget” tab in Financial system – RAVE Financial Update

  • A New tab “Preliminary Budget” is added in the project “Budget” that is based on ‘buckets of money’ allocated by a category so that the back-costing page shows the original estimated amount, then the quoted amount, then the PO amount, then the bill. Refer to this month’s ‘NEW “Preliminary Budget” tab added to RAVE’s Financial Management System’ feature blog for more details.

Variation Approval details on Accepted Variation PDF – RAVE Financial Update

  • We now show Variation Approval information on the Accepted Variation PDF

As always, if you need any support with RaveBuild, we encourage you to reach out to us at support@ravebuild.co.nz or call us at (NZ) 07-210-2228 or (AUS)1800-179-163