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General Update – 6 September

Signed Contract Price/Date Issues when loading clients via a CSV upload – Update

  • When clients were loaded via a CSV with a signed contract date but no signed contract value, it would error out.  The CSV file is now validated before the client list to produce an error alert.

Clients with an active and a closed build are still showing under the “Closed Clients” list – Update

  • Clients who have both open & closed projects, will now onlyshow up on the active “Clients” list, they will move to the “Closed Clients” list when all projects are closed.

Project Managers are now displayed in alphabetical order – Update

  • The Build Project page’s Project are now listed in alphabetical order (A-Z)

‘Internal References’ added to the active Build Project’s searches – Update

  • Clients can now search projects via the ‘internal reference’.

Task details and comments link from the Schedule Task Gantt view – Update

  • Users can now access a task details and comments link from the edit task pop-up screen via the Schedule Task Gantt and Task List views.

Additional entries added to the Project’s audit trail – Update

  • We now track the deletion of milestones and tasks in the audit trail
  • We now track the reordering of check list to do items in the audit trail

Set 7 days as the default on schedule progress payment requests – Update

  • We now set 7 days as the default date, when requesting payments from the schedule page i.e. when a task status is changed to requested

Search the Build Overview Key Task Report by the Client’s Name – Update

  • You can now search the Build Overview Key Task Report by the Client’s Name in addition to the Project Number.

Ability to link to the project’s schedule tab from the Build Overview Gantt Report & Resource Allocation Report – Update

  • The Project Number in the Gantt report and the Resource Allocation report is now clickable and redirects the user to the project’s schedule page.

Branch Schedule Reports ‘Trade’ and ‘Assigned To’ filter issue – Issue

  • Some users reported that the Branch Schedule Reports ‘Trade’ and ‘Assigned To’ filters were not working – this issue has been fixed.

Task links added to the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) report – Update

  • Click on a Task description via the Build Overview/FTE Report will redirect users to the project’s schedule page

Last login column added to Site Staff/Managers staff list – Update

  • As above

Improved timesheet report loading times – Update

  • Timesheet reports will load the current month by default – instead of all data – improving report loading times.  The reporting period will update as filter selections are made.

Branch Staff filter added to the Branch Owner “My Tasks” page – New Feature

  • A “Branch staff” dropdown filter has been added to the Branch Owner’s Site/Build | My Tasks page – which includes the ability to filter branch users, site staff, and site managers in the branch

Update Product Inventory items converted to Lower Case – RAVE Financial Issue

  • Previously when product inventory items product codes were created/updated the product code field was converting lowercase – the product codes will no longer change.

The ability to refresh tracking categories in Rave from Xero – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • We now let our RAVE Financial Management System clients repull tracking categories from XERO – which will pull the latest tracking categories from XERO in to RAVE

Ability to add variation number to the pdf – RAVE Financial Update

  • Variation signing and the Accepted variation PDF’s will now display their variation numbers

Logo size on Variation Approval Page fix – RAVE Financial Issue

  • Previously some branch logo’s were expanding to large on the variation approval page – this issue has been resolved by restricting the image size to a maximum width of 300px.

Allow users to delete Bill payment lines – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • Users are now able to delete Bill payment and/or duplicate Bill payment lines in RAVE

Enable the Creation of Client & Supplier Credit Notes without Associated Documents – RAVE Financial Update

  • Previously, when creating a supplier credit note, a bill was required, when creating a client credit note, an invoice was required.  Users can now create a supplier credit note without a bill, and a client credit note without an invoice.

New look Cost Center Report – RAVE Financial Update

  • RAVE’s FMS Cost Center report page has been updated, with new simpler to understand colour coding – with a secondary table to display items without cost centers