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How to add the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Public Holiday to your Schedules

To mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Government has announced a one-off national public holiday, to take place on Monday 26 September 2022.  We’ve loaded this national holiday into RAVE, and below is a guide for RAVE users with business owner permissions, to add this as a non-working day across all of their pending, active and maintenance projects.

Steps to add the Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day to your Schedules

You can add the memorial day at a project level via your project’s schedule settings page (Site|Build/Project/Schedule/Settings) but for those with business owner permissions, we can add this to all pending/active and maintenance projects via:

Site|Build/Build Overview/Settings, clicking on the Manage Holiday’s dropdown, and clicking on the little triangle to the left of the ‘NZ National Holidays 2022’ line to expand the list. 

Then, scrolling down and ticking the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day’. 

And finally, clicking outside of the dropdown panel, to click the SAVE button, then to CONFIRM the addition via the Add Holidays pop-up. 

A refresh of the page will see the holiday added to Monday 26 September – populating across all of your pending/active and maintenance projects.

If you do not already have the business owner editing permission, please email your request (cc’ing your business owner to confirm) to help@ravebuild.co.nz or call us on 07 210 2228.