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General Update – 21 September

‘Demolition’ has been added to the project’s ‘Build Type’ menu – Update

  • Updated as above

Hovering over monthly calendar entries displays the project and task details – Update

  • Updated as above

The Site|Build/Build Overview/Project Timelines report was displaying closed builds – Issue

  • This issue has been resolved, so now only Active and Maintenance projects will display on the Site|Build/Build Overview/Project Timelines report

Time Sheet filtering now based on user type – Update

  • Some clients reported issues finding their site staff via the user selection dropdown of the Time Sheet report.  This issue has now been resolved, users are now filtered based on their user type selection.

Variation accepted/declined emails are now sent to secondary accounts email addresses – Update

  • Previously Variation accepted/declined emails were only being received by the primary account email.  These emails are now being sent to the business’s secondary accounts email.

Contractor/Supplier My Tasks page display – Issue

  • When contractors/suppliers were viewing their My Tasks page, only a portion of their jobs were loading.  This issue has been resolved, tasks will now be displayed up to the page loading option i.e. 10, 25, 50 or All.

Uploading Cost Centres to Product Inventory via CSV – RAVE Financial Update

  • When a client uploaded a CSV to their product inventory it would not overwrite a previously entered Cost Centre. This has now been updated.

Extending the ‘product code’ search – RAVE Financial Issue

  • The ability to search the product code and show matching descriptions was lost with our last system update.  This has now been restored.

Saving Inclusions and Exclusions on Quote Templates – RAVE Financial Update

  • Quote Templates will now include/save Inclusions and Exclusions.

Copying a quote to a client invoice – RAVE Financial Update

  • The ability to copy a quote to the client invoice was lost with our last system update.  This has now been restored.

Updates to addresses are displayed in financial emails – RAVE Financial Update

  • Previously project addresses required both a street address and a suburb to be displayed on RAVE financial emails. This has been updated, now if there is no suburb, RAVE will still display the street address.