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General Update – 12 October

‘Auto-filling’ fields update when adding/updating client/project details – Improvement

  • Some users reported browser auto-fill issues when adding new clients and updating project information, this has now been resolved.

Client login creation update – Improvement

  • Previously when creating a new client login, the username was randomly generated. This has been updated to a ‘firstname.lastname’ format.  Additionally, users can still replace this with the client’s email address if preferred.

Bulk Reassignment of Schedule Tasks – New Feature

  • RAVE now allows branch users to select a schedule assignee and reassign all of their tasks to a different person via the project’s schedule action dropdown list.  With the options of removing site staff and contractors from the project, and notifying the new task assignee if the schedule is live.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to use this new feature – please refer to our Bulk Reassignment Feature update blog here.

‘Project Status’ filter added to the Build Overview Key Tasks report – Update

  • As noted above.

Branch logo update for client project message emails – Update

  • Some users reported that the RAVE logo (not the building companies logo) was being displayed on outbound project messages to their clients, this has now been resolved.

    Please note:  If a building company’s logo has not been added to the business profile settings, the RAVE logo will be displayed by default.

The ability for Site Managers to add and manage checklists – New Feature

  • RAVE now allows Site Managers to add and manage checklists as per branch users.  

Site Staff new ‘view all projects’ permission – Update

  • RAVE now allows branch users to give their Site Staff access to access all of their projects, meaning site staff can now access all projects for timesheet entries.

‘PC Sum’ and ‘Allowance’ added to the line item unit of measure selections – RAVE Financial Update

  • These units of measure (UoM) have been added to the ‘creating a quote’ and the ‘purchase order’ workflows.

Duplicate ‘Estimate’ and ‘Variation’ Proposal update – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • RAVE’s Financial Management System now has the ability to duplicate an entire ‘estimate proposal’ or ‘variation proposal’ – allowing you to quickly make changes to a duplicate proposal, and rework pricing as needed, before you send this off to your clients for approval. 
  • This update means you don’t have to edit your original quotes and lose valuable information. You can switch back to your original proposal at anytime!

    For a run-through on how this feature works, please refer to our Duplicate Proposal Feature update blog here.

Editing canceled Purchase Orders prohibited – RAVE Financial Update

  • Users were previously able to edit canceled purchase orders – now when a purchase order has been canceled, users can no longer edit it. 

Copy an invoice to a client credit note – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • RAVE now allows branch users to copy an invoice to a credit note. 

GST type copied from associated invoices to credit notes – RAVE Financial Update

  • RAVE now copies an associated invoice’s GST type (including/excluding/non-GST) to the generated credit note.