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NEW Feature – Bulk Reassignment of Schedule Tasks

This update will be ready to go Thursday morning the 13th October.

We are pleased to announce that RAVE now allows branch users to select a schedule assignee and reassign all of their tasks to a different person via the project’s schedule action dropdown list.  With the options of removing site staff and contractors from the project, and notifying the new task assignee if the schedule is live.

How to use RAVE’s new Bulk Reassignment of Schedule Tasks feature

  1. You can access the ‘Replace Assignee’ feature, via the project’s schedule sub-tab’s action dropdown – being the 3 dots to the right of the job number.
  2. Then via the ‘Replace Assignee in the Schedule’ pop-up:
    • Select the ‘Current Assignee’ you want to swap out tasks for
      • Also deciding if you want to remove the site manager/staff or contractor from the people’s list for this project
    • Select the ‘New Assignee’
      • Also deciding if you want to notify them of their addition*
      • And if so, choosing an overnight or immediate notification*
      • With the option of adding a personalised message to new assignee*
  3. Finally clicking on the ‘Replace Assignee’ button to action

ALL assigned tasks for THIS schedule only, will be reassigned to the new task assignee – the current assignee will be removed from the project, and a notification sent out to the new assignee if these options were selected.

Please Note:

  1. The ‘Remove from the people list for this project’ option is enabled for site staff/manager and contractors only – the client and project staff can not be removed from the project in this way.
  2. A notification can only be sent if the project is active, and the schedule has been activated.

And that is it! As you can see this function is super easy to use, and goes live for everyone from the morning of Thursday the 13th October 2022.