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NEW RAVE FMS Duplicate Proposal Feature

This update will be ready to go Thursday morning the 13th October.

RAVE’s Financial Management System now has the ability to duplicate an entire ‘estimate proposal’ or ‘variation proposal’, allowing you to make changes to your duplicate proposal to send off to your clients for approval. 

This RAVE FMS update means you don’t have to edit your original quotes and lose valuable information. You can switch back to your original proposal at anytime!

How to use RAVE’s Duplicate Proposal Feature

When an estimate has been finalised, and either generated or sent to approval, you can now click on the three dots action icon to the right hand side of the total estimate value to select DUPLICATE.

A ‘Duplicate Estimate Version’ pop-up will ask if you want to switch to a duplicate version of that proposal – the original quotes will be locked and the original version will be inactive.

Clicking the Duplicate Estimate Version button displays a second version of the proposal. You can then edit the duplicate proposal name by clicking the pencil edit, allowing you to distinguish between the two versions.

You will notice the first proposal has a padlock icon beside the ‘IS ACTIVE‘ status column, this means the proposal is locked so no one can edit it or delete anything from it at the moment.

On the Quotes In page you will see all of your original quotes have been duplicated for you.

If you only want to view the quotes of the duplicate proposal, you can select this via the ‘Estimate Versions’ filter.  In this example we are calling this version “Without pool”

You can now go through and remove quotes, add new quotes, change suppliers, the scope, or do anything you need to, to any duplicate versions without affecting the original proposal. 

When you go back to the estimate page you will see all estimate versions – in this example I have my first proposal for $180,926.81 and my second one, without the pool, for $99,077.51.  I can now send either proposal for approval via email or download them to share with the client in person.

If I choose to email a proposal, the status will show as sent. I now have the option of waiting for the client to accept or decline this proposal OR I can accept or decline it myself by clicking on the 3 dots action icon, selecting the option that best fits.

If the client wishes to go back to the first proposal, just click on the radio button to the left of the proposal name to ensure the first one is selected, and check the IS active box is now ticked. A Pop up will appear telling you that you are switching from one proposal to another, and the second proposal is now inactive.

You can select the three dots action icon to the right of the line, and mark the proposal as accepted on behalf of your client, or wait for them to accept it themselves. If you choose to accept on their behalf a pop up will appear asking you to confirm their acceptance (If this is the first time this job has a proposal to accept it will ask if you want to mark the project as WON, and to enter in the contract value) if it’s a variation this doesn’t show. This proposal is now accepted, and the duplicate proposal has been automatically marked as declined.

And that is it! As you can see this is a very useful update, which goes live for everyone with the FMS add-on module from the morning of Thursday 12th October 2022.

If you have not already added RAVE’s Financial Management System module into your RAVE set-up and would like to – please email your request to help@ravebuild.co.nz or call us on 07 210 2228.