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General Update – 25th October

Option to display client information on the Project Overview and Schedule – Update

  • RAVE now gives you the ability to display the client email and preferred contact number on the ‘Project Overview’ and ‘Schedule’ pages.

‘Hide Client Details from Contractors’ text update – Improvement

  • The edit build page’s ‘Hide Client Details from Contractors’ text been updated to explain that the client name, email and phone number will be hidden from contractors on the project page when this option is turned on.

Alert users when there are link cycles in the Schedule Gantt – New Feature

  • RAVE’s new feature alerts a user when they have created a loop of linked tasks in an Advanced or Enterprise schedule.  Now when a loop of linked tasks is about to be created (via the task list/task gantt edit task pop-up or task gantt link modal) – an ‘infinite loop’ alert message will pop up, preventing the link from being made.

Project details added to the Milestone Gantt print-out – Improvement

  • Now when printing the milestone gantt, additional details will be displayed via the page header including: the job number, client name, project manager name, phone and email, the site address the key details of the client name, project, site manager, project manager, and site address.

Task reassignment email templates added to the schedule Notification Information action drop down – Update

  • As noted above.

Ability to add attachments to Quote templates – RAVE Financial New Feature

  • Now when a Quote is saved as a template, we also save any attachments related to it as part of that template – and load them again when that template is loaded to a new Quote.

Credit Notes displayed as a negative amount – RAVE Financial Update

  • Previously RAVE displayed ‘Credit Notes’ as a positive value, now Credit Note values are displayed as a negative value i.e. -$123.00