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RAVE FMS updates – ‘Bills In’ NEW FEATURES + Export Back Costing Report

We’ve released a number of new features and updates to RAVE’s Financial Management System – so let’s look at these in a little more detail, starting with our ‘Bills In’ page updates. 

Upload a CSV file with billed/due dates to the ‘Bills In’ page – RAVE Financial New Feature

You now have the ability to include billed and due dates to your ‘Bills In’ CSV uploads – allowing clients to import old project bills into RAVE with accurate date information.  These extra columns have been included in the ‘Bills In’ sample CSV file, available to download from the Bills In page. 

Alert users when information is missing from a ‘Bills In’ CSV upload – RAVE Financial New Feature

RAVE’s ‘Bills In’ CSV upload workflow now includes a preview screen, alerting users to any missing information from their ‘Bills In’ CSV file.  This page is displayed after the file has been selected, and prior to the up-load being completed. 

‘Bills In’ and ‘Purchase Order’ markup display Improvements – RAVE Financial Update

  • RAVE now excludes displaying the markup from all calculations on the ‘Bills In’ page.
  • However, if a supplier bill is converted to a client’s charge-up invoice, RAVE will now include the markup on that invoice.
  • This update also applies to the ‘Purchase Order’ and ‘Supplier Credit note’ pages. 

Supplier Bill View

Client Invoice View


Ability to export ‘Back Costing’ reports as a CSV – RAVE Financial New Feature 

  • RAVE’s Financial Management System ‘Back Costing’ report has a new export option, which allows clients to download their project’s back costing page as a CSV file.
  • These new exported ‘Back Costing’ reports also include handy colour coding, as well as information breakdowns by tab. Allowing clients to easily see any overruns (highlighted in red) and underspends (highlighted in green) within a CSV format.

And that is it! These very useful updates went live for everyone, with RAVE’s FMS add-on module, on the evening of Thursday 3rd November 2022.

If you have not already added RAVE’s Financial Management System module to your RAVE set-up and would like to – please email your request to help@ravebuild.co.nz or call us on 07 210 2228.