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General Update – 23 November

Project Files ZIP file download – New Feature

  • Some RAVE clients reported downloading delays for large project files. RAVE will now send an email to the user, with a link, for them to download their files as a ZIP file.

Floating Headers added to the Build Overview – Key Tasks report – Update

  • Previously when a RAVE user scrolled down their branch’s Key Tasks report, via the Build Overview sub-tab, they would lose the table headers.  These are now floating headers, RAVE will keep these headers displayed, no matter how far down they scroll on the Key Tasks report.

Align the usage of ‘Notes’ across all areas of RAVE – Update

  • ‘Notes’ had previously been known as a ‘Comment’ in the Baseline Shift, ‘Note Added’ in the Task Change History and ‘Notes’ in the Task Change Log. RAVE’s latest refinement aligns the usage of ‘Notes’ across most areas of RAVE.

‘Contract Name’ added to Contractor (Calendar View) hover display – Update

  • RAVE’s latest update adds the contract name to the project number, when contractors hover over a task via their project’s calendar view. 
  • Estimate Proposal file name improvement – RAVE Financial Update

Some users reported randomly generated file names when downloading their RAVE Financial Management System estimate proposals – this issue has been resolved.