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General Update – 7 December

Faster Schedule Page Loading Times – Update

  • Task list and Gantt view schedule page loading and refreshing speeds have been improved

The terms ‘Prompt’ and ‘Remind Assignee’ changed to ‘Reminder’ – Update

  • The term ‘Prompt’ in the Task Details Modal, and the term ‘Remind Assignee’ in the Notification Information Modal have both been changed to ‘Reminder’

Add Predecessors + Successors via the Edit Task Modal – New Feature

  • You can now add/manage/delete both Successors and Predecessors via the new Edit Task ‘links’ tab.
  • In a similar fashion Constraints are now managed on a separate ‘constraints’ tab too
  • Refer to this month’s ‘Schedule Improvements’ feature blog for more details.

Larger Gantt Chart Display – Update

  • The viewable gantt chart screen has been improved – it is now taller to display more rows of tasks

Colour Coding added to Schedule Task Calendar view – Update

  • The ‘Task Status’ colour coding has been added to the Schedule Task Calendar view.

Load Multiple Checklist Templates – NEW Feature

RAVE now allows you to load multiple checklist templates at once – selected checklist templates will load in alphabetical and then numerical order of their Template Name. Once loaded, each Checklist Template’s checklists will load up as per when they were originally saved.

Build Overview Report – Updates

We’ve made the following improvements to our Site|Build / Build Overview reports:

  • All Build Overview reports loading and refreshing speeds have been improved
  • The projects ‘contract name’ has been appended to the end of the job number on all reports
  • The Key Tasks report now has floating headers, so they’ll stay visible as you scroll down your Key Tasks report

Allow Contractors to see ‘Requested’ Tasks – Update

  • RAVE now allows contractors to see ‘requested’ tasks on the schedule – however, these will be displayed to them as ‘completed’