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RAVE’s Financial Management System FAQs are LIVE!

We are pleased to announce the release of 28 NEW Financial Management FAQs – available via your Rave Help portal button, located at the top right corner of your web browser’s RAVE screen.

Our FMS FAQs cover it all – from adding suppliers, linking RAVE to Xero, requesting preliminary budgets, and all of our FMS workflows through to back-costing.

And better yet, each FAQ is keyword searchable! Simply type in an FMS keyword i.e. Bill, Purchase Order, Back Costing, etc for the relevant FAQ articles to present themselves.

Our Financial Management FAQs – are available NOW – enjoy!

But, if you are not yet using RAVE’s Financial Management System and would like to add it on – or to have a chat with us about how our FMS can help you save time and money in managing the financial side of your business – please reach out to us on phone 07 210 2228 or help@ravebuild.co.nz.