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General Update – 16 June

Task Name Filter added to Buid Overview Task Gantt  Report – New Feature

We have added a task name search box to our Build Overview Task Gantt report, allowing you to search by task names i.e. “maintenance”, plus our other existing report filters (Project Manager, Site Manager, Supplier/Contractor Assignee, Project, Trade, etc) – helping you to now more easily find and report on relevant tasks.

Download Documents and Images from Quotes – New Feature 

You can now right-click on documents attached to a quote to download and save them.

Progress Payment (Payment Schedule) and FMS Variation Signing Notes – Update

We have added a customisable Variations Signing Notes section, to the bottom of the ‘administration’ drop-down’s Settings/Client Settings page, where you can type in the text to show on each and every variation you send to clients. This displays on both Progress Payment (Payment Schedule) Variation PDFs, as well as our Financial Management System Variation PDFs.

For FMS users the default text reads “Please note this pricing is private and confidential”

RAVE Xero – Variation Cost Centre (Chart of Account) Default – New Feature

RAVE Financial Management System and Xero-connected clients can now set a default cost code, or chart of account code, for variations to keep them separate from other income. Available via the administration Xero profile drop-down.

Negative Line Items on Purchase Orders

You can now create a purchase order with negative-value items. For instances where you have to send a Variation Purchase Order to a Supplier or Contractor, you can now send the original items back as a minus and order new ones, rather than having to cancel the Purchase Order and start again.

Xero Disconnected Notifications – Update 

Financial Management System clients who connect their RAVE setup to Xero, are now notified to both their primary and secondary ‘accounts’ emails if their Xero connection has been disconnected i.e. in instances where a user has disconnected the connection, or if there are connection or maintenance issues with Xero.

Quote CSV Upload Server Error – Update 

FMS clients who experience an error when adding a Quote via a CSV upload, are now advised a more specific reason for the failed upload.