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UPDATED Site Manager & Site Staff user permissions

We have updated various permissions made available to the Site Manager and Site Staff branch user groups. While these Site Manager and Site Staff user groups do not have any branch-level access, they do have more project-level access and functionality (with extra permissions) than your project’s contractors and suppliers – as per the updated permissions table below.

NOTE: Project access is only available when the project is in an active or maintenance state, and schedule access is only available after the schedule has been activated.

Those with branch owner permissions can add Site Managers and/or Site Staff via the ‘Set Permission’ section of your user profile dropdown – selecting the ‘Site Staff/Managers’ tab.

If you need any assistance in adding your Site Managers or Site Staff, feel free to contact the Rave Build customer support team on 07 210 228, load a ticket via the RAVE Help portal, or email help@ravebuild.co.nz – providing your Branch Name, your Site Manager/Staff member’s name, position, email, and phone.