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RAVE’s New FMS Feature – On Charge Invoices

We all know things can sometimes go wrong on-site, and a sub-trade or contractor is required to pay for remediating work.   With this in mind we would like to introduce you to RAVE Financial Management System’s (RAVE FMS’s) new ‘On Charge Invoice’ feature. On charge invoices are also handy for insurance work where the primary client pays the majority of the work but you need to charge the excess to someone else.

For those with RAVE’s FMS module a new ”Add an Oncharge Invoice’ button has been added to the project’s ‘Invoices Out’ sub-tab. Clicking this opens the ‘Add an On Charge Invoice’ screen, where you have the option to choose any supplier or contractor to charge this invoice to.

There is also a ‘Visible to Client’ switch to make the invoice viewable to the client on their ‘Invoices Out’ sub-tab.  If turned on, this will display an ‘eye’ icon, reaffirming that the client is able to see this invoice.  

> An ‘On Charge Invoice’ FAQ guide is available from the RAVE Help portal + an ‘On Charge Credit Note’ function will be available to RAVE FMS users in another two weeks.

NOTE:  You cannot create a credit note from the client’s on charge invoice, in the same way that you cannot invoice the primary client an on charge invoice.