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RAVE’s New FMS Feature – Branch-Level Bills (and Credit Notes)

RAVE’s Financial Management System has just received an exciting new feature called ‘Branch-Level Bills’. This is a real game changer for the New Zealand residential construction industry.

To put it simply, these Branch-Level Bill workflows allow you to load multi-project bills (and credit notes) from a single supplier into RAVE, splitting the cost or credit across multiple jobs i.e. a monthly single power supply bill, or rubbish bin hire credit note across multiple projects/sites.

> A ‘Branch-Level Bills (and Credit Notes)’ step-by-step ‘how-to’ guide is available from your RAVE Help portal, a video tutorial will be available overnight.

RAVE clients using Xero can manage their branch-level bills and credit notes in the same way as a project’s bill or credit note i.e. you still ‘Approve’ the bill (or credit note) which will push them to Xero, and with payment syncing turned on the bill or credit note will automatically update with payments received in via Xero.

To gain access to our new Branch-Level Bills and Credit Notes feature, and all of RAVE’s Financial Management System workflows and reports – please reach out to us via phone 07 210 2228 or help@ravebuild.co.nz.