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General UPDATE – 11 March

Rave Help refresh – Update The Rave Help Knowledge base is under going a refresh – from today Email requests for support, feedback, and suggestions for improvement are now logged as a ‘New Support Ticket’, and you now have the ability to ‘Check your Ticket Status’  Help articles are now called ‘Solutions’ Updated User Training Video’s are available […]

Andy from The Trades Coach, Part 4: When Communications Go Bad.

Welcome to the latest installment of my series on plugging the profit leaks in your business. This time around, we are talking communications. According to a 2013 Project Management Institute report titled The Essential Role of Communications, “Ineffective communications is the primary contributor to project failure one-third of the time, and had a negative impact […]

Isaac Ludlow Series Part 12: Eight proven ways to increase your customer base

Increase the size of your customer base by following these simple but highly effective steps to generate leads and successfully convert them into paying customers. The secret to truly successful marketing involves a comprehensive understanding of the needs and desires of the market – and more specifically, the individuals who constitute that market. By connecting with […]