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General Update – 18 May

Updated header descriptions on the Home dashboard “Active Builds” list – Update Header descriptions have been updated on the Home/Dashboards “Active Builds” table as below. Office Users can now edit Project’s Expected Close Date – Update When editing a Project’s details, Office Users can now change the Expected Close Date. New filters added on the […]

General Update – 13 April

New Client group options – Update The following options have been added to the Client group list: QS (Quantity Surveyor) General Manager Architect Property Developer New “Video Chat” category added to Client follow ups – Update The option “Video Chat” has been added to the Client Followup category list. Sort buttons added to the Client’s […]

General Update – 15 December

Document loading and File Management – Updates + Feature Blog NEW drag & drop document and file uploading Add documents and files to RAVE’s ‘notes’ and Checklist Tasks The addition of project Files sub-folders NEW Client Portal – Updates Branch users now have the ability to auto generate a client portal password Customise our new ‘Client Portal Welcome’ […]

General Update – 24 November

RAVE Audit Trail – Update Following on from our previous update earlier this month, the following actions are now recorded in the project audit trail Loading a schedule template Deleting a schedule template Adding holidays to a schedule Changing the client’s schedule visibility settings Changing a contractor’s schedule visibility setting Changing the schedule mode between […]

General Update – 13 October

This update will go live the evening of Wednesday the 13th October. Add Additional Client Contacts to Client Notifications – Update Now, additional Client Contacts will also receive email notifications for assigned schedule task changes and messages – the same as the primary client. Add BC Number on Site Build Page – Update A Building Consent Number column has been added to the Site/Build’s Build […]