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RAVE’s New FMS Feature – Xero Payment Syncing

Welcome to RAVE’s first ‘NEW feature’ blog for 2023! We’re kick-starting the year with a BIG update for those using RAVE’s Financial Management System (FMS) – that is RAVE’s new Xero Payment Syncing function.  While that sounds great, you may be wondering how RAVE’s Xero Payment Syncing will save the accounts team time and double […]

General Update – 7 December

Faster Schedule Page Loading Times – Update Task list and Gantt view schedule page loading and refreshing speeds have been improved The terms ‘Prompt’ and ‘Remind Assignee’ changed to ‘Reminder’ – Update The term ‘Prompt’ in the Task Details Modal, and the term ‘Remind Assignee’ in the Notification Information Modal have both been changed to […]

General Update – 9th November 2022

Email address no longer required for ‘Tenant’ contacts – Update While contact phone numbers are still a required field for ‘Tenant’ contacts in RAVE, email addresses are no longer needed.  Allow users to switch from Enterprise Scheduling mode – Update Branches with the Advanced/Enterprise scheduling add-on module are now able change their scheduling mode from Enterprise […]

General Update – 25th October

Option to display client information on the Project Overview and Schedule – Update RAVE now gives you the ability to display the client email and preferred contact number on the ‘Project Overview’ and ‘Schedule’ pages. ‘Hide Client Details from Contractors’ text update – Improvement The edit build page’s ‘Hide Client Details from Contractors’ text been […]

General Update – 12 October

‘Auto-filling’ fields update when adding/updating client/project details – Improvement Some users reported browser auto-fill issues when adding new clients and updating project information, this has now been resolved. Client login creation update – Improvement Previously when creating a new client login, the username was randomly generated. This has been updated to a ‘firstname.lastname’ format.  Additionally, […]